Design for Industrials, Trade Shows and Concerts

  • Corporate Meetings

    Lighting Design for Corporate Meetings, product roll-outs, sales conferences, and press events. Clients include Cisco, Borland, Google, Oracle and others.

  • Concerts

    Lighting Designer for The Gipsy Kings 2007-20015. LD for Melissa Manchester 2003-2006. Individual concerts with Bruce Hornsby, Melissa Etheridge, Blues Traveler, and others

  • Special Events

    Awards shows and parties for clients including Emirates Airlines, RSA, Goldman Sachs, and others.

  • Lighting is the magic that brings a show to life.

    It ties space, scenery, talent and audiences together into a complete story. Light Touch Designs works with your creative team to make an environment that supports the message. Whether you need the somber formality of a business meeting, or the exuberant energy of a sales kickoff, Light Touch Designs can provide the support you need to make your show spectacular.

    - MAS

If you need a lighting designer for a corporate meeting, trade show, concert or party, Light Touch Designs can supply the design you need. Take a look at our portfolio, then give us a call.

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